The original English Missal Society was disbanded in 1992, following the Church of England's decision to ordain women to the presbyterate. After the 2015 decision to allow women to be consecrated bishop, I decided to resurrect the Society, not out of any tribal desire to create yet another group in which Traditionalists could ruminate about the past and fulminate about the present, but simply because the English Missal is a very beautiful way in which to worship the Triune God.

This Society and website does not exist to supplant the ordinary use in the Church of England. Common Worship, or the modern Western Rite, will remain normative for Catholics in the Church of England. As in the Church of Rome, the use of the English Missal will always be the Extraordinary Form. And yet the English Missal, hallowed by its use by so many for so long, has much to offer our Church.

It is my hope that interest in the rite and this society will grow. It has been my experience that many younger clergy, like our Roman brothers, have a renewed interest in the Extraordinary Form, and that is a cause for optimism.

I am a beginner, both to website building and celebrating using the EM. But I hope this website will be a useful tool for beginners to the rite, and a way of old timers being able to help us with their memories and experience.

It is my hope that the Society will, over the coming months, organise days at which clergy and laity can learn about the rite and how to celebrate it, as well as celebrating the rite itself with as much gusto and beauty as we can manage!

The Society itself has no current constitution or membership. The former depends upon the latter, so if you are interested in joining the Society please email me at

In the meantime ....

If your parish celebrates using the EM,  please let me know so a directory can be built up.

If you have an old English Missal but don't want it anymore, DON'T THROW IT AWAY! Let the Society know so we can find a good home for it!

And finally, pray for the wider understanding of, and use of, The English Missal.

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